Waste to Energy

Textile companies mainly use Thermic Fluid for Dyeing application.

At Enthaly Asia we always look for the reduction in fuel consumption especially if it is fossil fuel.

Thermic Fluid heater was operating on Indonesian Coal with heating value of 5,200 kCal/kG with a consumption of 1,500 kG/hr Coal.

Our team identified that there is excess heat available since the process of dyeing can be optimised further by reducing the TF temperature.

Initial thought of fine tuning the heater by direct reduction in Themic Fluid tempreature at heater itself was not satisfactory since the process might demand extra temperature if texture of product changes.

We then started working on heat & mass balance of other utilities where we can direvert this excess heat. One boiler was running with feed water temperature of 28 – 30 Deg C. This was the opportunity for improvement & reduction in Coal consumption of TF Heater.

Our team of engineers then derived a solution, let the TF Heater run normally delivering 250 Deg C as exit temperature of TF Heater. We can install a Heat Exchanger which will receive the TF at 248 Deg C (slight drop between TF Heater & HE) heat up the Water from 30 Deg C to 75 Deg C. During this heat exchage TF temperature to process will drop from 248 Deg C to 148 Deg C apprx.

On the other side water at 75 Deg C can be fed to the Boiler which will result in Fuel savings in Furnace Oil consumption for that Boiler.

When process demands excess temperature then the Flow Control Valve will divert the total flow of TF to the process. This can be achieved with either by programmed software or manually by operatos or can be both.

To know more send us some challenging inquiries from your plant.