A surgical glove manufacturing company was using Wood chips as a fuel with heating value of 2,900 kCal/kG as feed to their Biomass Boiler of 18 t/hr. Fuel consumption was close to 3,800 kG/hr.

Fuel feeding was not controlled. Excess fuel used to be piled up in the furnace which was waste of fuel & Boiler Efficiency.

Our team of engineers took this as a challenge to make over the system and achieve maximum fuel savings possible.

First of all we chose the fuel as Palm Kernel Shell with a heating value of close to 4,200 kCal/kG. To feed this fuel there was need of controlled feeding. We redesigned the Hopper & installed a Screw at the bottom of screw.

Challenge with PKS is it starts releasing the Oil after exposed to heated atmosphere. Earlier Belt used was normal flat type. This can not be used with PKS kind of fuels, since fuel starts slipping down due to oil layer between fuel & belt surface. We designed the belt to be of Chervron type with Oil Resistant rubber material. This served purpose of fuel being on the belt without slippage even at rest.

Next step was to feed the fuel in proper proportion to the Boiler furnace otherwise the whole exercise was in vain. Engineers designed screw in such a way that it will push fuel in forward direction only & will be controlled by VFD. Control of VFD will be through Boiler control panel. As and when steam demand reaches to the set point, Screw will stop delivering the fuel to the belt.

Due to this controlled feeding, fuel cost saving was close to 15%.

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