Corporate Social Responsibility

At Enthalpy Asia, we re-define Corporate Social Responsibility as ‘Individuals’ Responsibility’ towards society.
Not only during pandemics but in most of the drastic situations, Enthalpy Asia steps forward to support the community

Community Support during 2019 pandemic

Food Donation to local School in Isarn

Distributed PPE, Water, Masks to Police Officers, Rescue Team, Paramedical Staff

Those who were reliant on daily wages have been hit the worst. With little-to-no savings and no source of income in sight, Khun Thongsati’s family suffered bankruptcy and homelessness in one day. 
Enthalpy Asia is committed to mitigating situations like these: the family was welcomed into one of the company’s properties. Through crowdfunding, Enthalpy Asia will continue to support the children’s education.